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Welcome to Well & Being.

As a medically guided, personalized and fully integrated set of wellness offerings and experiences, Well & Being provides everyone with the opportunity to pursue a uniquely crafted, healthy lifestyle.

You will find a wealth of encouragement, information and resources regarding health, fitness, beauty, yoga and nutrition on this website. Our goal is to provide the expertise and resources needed to support a sustainable, life-long journey towards health and wellness.

In addition to our website and e-magazine, the ultimate way to experience Well & Being is at our luxury resorts. Each extraordinary location provides a comprehensive program of services, activities and retreats to enrich your life and support your unique journey. This includes personal consultations with our integrative medical physicians, nutritionists, personal trainers and skin care experts. We offer cutting edge fitness and training programs, mind-body classes including yoga and meditation, healthy meals, cooking classes and exceptional spa and beauty treatments.

Whether you are a regular visitor to our website, a member or planning to visit one of our resorts with its Well & Being luxury spa, our sincere hope is that whatever path you choose, you will find yourself here.

A Message from Tieraona Low Dog, MD

Dr. Tieraona Low Dog, Medical Director at our luxury spa and wellness center Welcome,
I would like to extend to you a very special offer. I would like to invite you to join me on a journey towards Intentional Living. Living with intention means being aware and engaging every aspect of your life. It means recognizing that your path is unique and having the courage to follow it. As a physician, I have witnessed the dramatic transformations that happen when people realize they have the power to make better choices in order to be as fit as they want to be, to wake feeling strong and rested and to have the energy for the things they want to do.

If you are ready to take this journey, the team at Well & Being is here to partner with you. We know that a truly effective health plan must take into consideration your genetics, habits, preferences, and goals. Without tailoring the diet, exercise, supplements and stress-coping strategies to the individual, the changes needed to reduce your risk for chronic disease and feel your best are doomed to fail. I firmly believe that a personalized lifestyle approach is the only approach that makes sense.

To make this type of care more broadly available, I have overseen the creation of a menu of services that are delivered by a handpicked group of clinicians and therapists that share this philosophy. We blend the best of conventional, complementary and alternative medicine to provide you with a range of creative options for achieving optimal health.

You can visit one of our destination wellness centers for a fully integrated health experience or go deep into a particular health topic with one of our nationally known teachers. Because relationships are important, we’ve made sure that you can stay connected to your physician, nutritionist, or coach by phone or email when you return home. And as a Well & Being member, your on-line experience will be customized to deliver information, tips and resources that are meaningful and of interest to you.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Today, you can choose to make your life a priority. You can choose to live with intention. Come and join me. We’ll make the journey together.

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