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Well & Being speaker Matt Walker is an adventurist An acclaimed speaker, writer, facilitator, and educator, Matt Walker has focused his life’s work on connecting individuals and organizations with the spirit of adventure in their highest endeavors.

Matthew has traveled the world searching for adventure and exploring uncharted mountain ranges. These experiences led him to develop the 5 Elements of Adventure: a system that applies learning, triumphs, and challenges to our everyday lives. His book entitled “Adventure in Everything”, published by Hay House in 2001, outlines these 5 Elements.

Following nearly 15 years of non-stop world travel, Matthew departed briefly from mountain guiding to complete his Master’s degree in Behavioral Science. He sought to find a way to share his experiences in the mountains with others and developed a unique solution which incorporates experiential activity into daily life. Matthew is fond of saying “while the experiences are rich and immediate in the mountains, the true test, the true learning comes when we apply the experience to our work, our relationships, and our highest endeavors”.

Matthew’s unique blend of explorer and adventurer, psychologist, speaker, and writer combined with a strong business acumen allows him to develop creative solutions that inspire, educate, and transform lives and organizations.

Matthew’s work has been featured in a wide variety of publications. Among these are Yoga Journal, Climbing, National Geographic Adventure, and Ready Made. He frequently facilitates and speaks at resorts and spas such as Miraval, Mii amo, and Red Mountain. His work of infusing adventure into organizations has positively impacted Microsoft, Petco, Medtronic, Nike, and Vitamin Water among others.

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