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YogaAway’s partnership with Well & Being is a breakthrough opportunity for people to experience yoga in its original spa environment with a contemporary, innovative wellness concept, and it brings yoga back to its ancient and authentic roots by addressing the whole human being. Integrating both Eastern and Western healing models into the spa experience is what the future of the spa industry is about.

This holistic understanding, along with the application of treating the entire person, is so timely and critical because we are all faced with the real life challenges of stress, lack of engagement, and limited time to recover, amidst the constant urgency and endless distractions we face every day. Our attention is under siege and, now more than ever, we need a full-blown recovery system with highly specific routines that can help us reduce stress and manage our energy at every level.

YogaAway will offer signature classes, personalized instruction, online learning, products and immersive multi-day retreats at Well & Being locations. This will truly enhance and complement the Well & Being experience, providing one of the most comprehensive yoga offerings suited to all levels of yoga enthusiasts. We look forward helping enhance your path to wellness through our partnership with Well & Being.

Bija Bennett, President and Creative Director
YogaAway, LLC

Featured Classes // 60 Minute

The following are three of the signature YogaAway classes you will find at Well & Being. Class availability and schedules will vary by location.

The Workout

This yoga and fitness workout strengthens the major muscles of your body for optimal fitness. It includes preparation for sports, overall conditioning and endurance building. The Workout is designed to supplement other fitness programs, such as cardiovascular activity and weight training, while improving your total performance.

Finding your focus

This distinct yoga practice helps you increase concentration and sharpen your focus. Asymmetrical movements and breathing exercises stimulate and balance both hemispheres of the brain. Finding Your Focus promotes concentration, clarity of mind, and the ability to sustain your attention without distraction leaving you calm, focused, and alert.

Feeling Great Again – Relaxation

This unique yoga practice helps you release stress and create deep relaxation, day or night. Carefully adapted movements and breathing exercises progressively calm your body and mind, relieving tension throughout your system. Feeling Great Again – Relaxation is designed to restore and maintain health, returning you to a calm center even in the midst of stressful circumstances.

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